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Did you know that the big jerky brands (Yes, the ones you're thinking of) source their meat from China and South America - then put the American Flag on their labels, saying "Packaged / Designed in America?"

As Americans, we were sick of seeing our fellow patriots eat poor quality proteins, sourced in unsustainable ways. Enough was enough.

So in 2014, we partnered with McCormick to bring the best damn flavors to the finest cuts of American-raised beef and wild game.

Every bite is proudly MADE in the USA. Whether you're climbing mountains, grinding at work or relaxing after a long day - we're here to fuel your journey.

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Our Meats
We source all of our meats responsibly from the United States of America.
  • Beef - Sourced responsibly from the plains of Idaho
  • Alligator - Sourced responsibly from the bayou of Louisiana (our supplier only accepts orders via phone - he doesn't even have email) - talk about authentic!
  • Wild Boar - Sourced responsibly from the wilderness of Minnesota
  • Elk - Sourced responsibly from the wilderness of Minnesota
  • Venison - Sourced responsibly from the wilderness of Minnesota


The Red Truck Promise

  • 100% Grade-A, American Beef, sourced from the plains of Idaho (the big brands source from China and South America and label "Packaged in America / Designed in America) - we make all of our products in Chandler, Minnesota.
  • Only the tenderized whole muscle, made from lean sliced beef shoulder (most of our competitors use Round cuts - do you want to eat a cow's butt or shoulder?) 
  • Intensely bold, chef-crafted flavor, courtesy of our partners at McCormick
  • Ideal for any diet (Paleo, Whole30, Carnivore)
  • Excellent source of on-the-go protein

Enjoy it After the Gym, At the (Home) Office, In the Car or Anytime. Anywhere.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Red Truck guarantee my satisfaction

We have a 100%, no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee. If there is any way we can improve your experience as a customer - we will do it. Please give us your candid feedback, as we are always striving to improve.

When can I expect shipment to arrive?

Our typical shipping leverages USPS First-Class Mail, which should arrive between 1-3 business days for all continental US deliveries.

How can I get in touch with Red Truck?

Send an email to and we will get back to you within 24 Hours. All of our customer service agents are based in the USA and will work diligently to keep you a delighted customer!

How do I make a return?

Please visit our Returns & Refunds page for more information.


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