Red Truck Beef Jerky - Wholesale Inquiry

We heard a rumor you might want to work with us....

If you're a large store, sell products on your website or just REALLY love beef jerky - and you want to feature Red Truck's incredible brands like Old Bay, Grill Mates, Stubbs BBQ or our Wild Game Meat Sticks - you're in the right place!

Please send an email to and share a little about yourself, like:

  • Business Name
  • Your Name
  • What are you plans for selling our products? What marketplaces will you list them on?
  • What are your anticipated quantities and for what specific products?
  • Do you have any display requirements? (e.g. additional signage, store display, etc)
  • Any other additional requirements?

We welcome the prospect of collaborating with you!

- Red Truck Beef Jerky Team