Old Bay® Beef Jerky

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The World's Best Old Bay Beef Jerky!

Old Bay, the world's greatest seafood seasoning, brought to life on our tender Grade-A beef has redefined "Surf-n-Turf."

  • For more than 75 years, OLD BAY has ruled kitchens as “The Definitive Seafood Seasoning,” with its world-famous blend of 18 herbs and spices.
  • Red Truck was founded in Southern Maryland, and Old Bay is home to us. This jerky is at the core of who we are at Red Truck!

The Red Truck Promise

  • 100% Grade-A, American Beef, sourced from the plains of Idaho (the big brands source from China and South America and label "Packaged in America / Designed in America) - we make all of our Jerky in Chandler, Minnesota.
  • Only the tenderized whole muscle, made from lean sliced beef shoulder (most of our competitors use Round cuts - do you want to eat a cow's butt or shoulder?)
  • Intensely bold, chef-crafted flavor, courtesy of our partners at McCormick
  • Ideal for any diet (Paleo, Whole30, Carnivore)
  • Excellent source of on-the-go protein

Enjoy it After the Gym, At the (Home) Office, In the Car or Anytime. Anywhere.



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