What our customers are saying about our Beef Jerky Company

I got a 12-pack of Old Bay and I've had to hide the bags because my daughters like it just as much as I do.

Dave N.

Just took the Grill Mates jerky on an 8-mile hike - it was the perfect snack to keep my pup and I going!

Katie S.

Stubbs would be proud! Worth every penny!

Stuart C.

Where else Can I find Red Truck?

Beef Jerky Company

There's A Better Way To Protein #SnackAmerican

Did you know that the big beef jerky brands (Yes, the ones you're thinking of) source their meat and manufacture abroad (China, mainly) and not the United States? Then they stamp the American Flag on their labels, stating: "Packaged or Designed in America?"

As Americans, we were tired of seeing our fellow patriots eat poor quality proteins, sourced in unsustainable ways. Enough was enough.

So in 2014, Red Truck partnered with McCormick to bring the best damn flavors to the finest cuts of American-raised beef and wild game.

Every dried meat bite is proudly MADE in the USA. Whatever obstacles you need to overcome - we're here to fuel your journey. We offer the best gourmet beef jerky products to buy, and your taste buds will thank you!