We Were Disgusted - So We Took A Stand

Did you know that the big jerky brands (Yes, the ones you're thinking of) source their meat from China and South America - then put the American Flag on their labels, saying "Packaged / Designed in America?"

As Americans, we were sick of seeing our fellow patriots eat poor quality proteins, sourced in unsustainable ways. Enough was enough.

So in 2014, we partnered with McCormick to bring the best damn flavors to the finest cuts of American-raised beef and wild game.

Every bite is proudly MADE in the USA. Whether you're climbing mountains, grinding at work or relaxing after a long day - we're here to fuel your journey.

Where else Can I find Red Truck?

What our customers are saying

I have to admit, I was skeptical about putting old bay on beef jerky, but damn this did not disappoint!

Kevin M.

Just took the Grill Mates jerky on an 8-mile hike - it was the perfect snack to keep my dog and I going!

Katie S.

Mr. Stubbs would be proud! Worth every penny!

Stuart C.

Our Legendary Brands

Stubb's Bar-B-Q®

"This is the most incredible blend of smoky and sweet jerky I've ever had"

- John Wayne (probably)

Old Bay®

If you've never tasted Old Bay, do yourself a favor - drop what you're doing and go get some.

This concoction of spices runs through our veins 24/7.

We should probably go get that checked out by a doctor, but it's normal in Maryland - so the only REAL question is what are you waiting for?

Grill Mates®

Are you kidding me!? The most insane steak spices on-the-go?

You may be asking yourself "where has this been all my life?"

Doesn't matter - you're here now and everything will be right when you try Montreal Steak or Smokehouse Maple jerky.