Buying Jerky Online Tips

Buying Jerky Online Tips

You know what you want: beef jerky. Then you go shopping for it online and...well, it turns out that this name “beef jerky” is a lot bigger and more complicated than you expected. There’s teriyaki. There’s Alligator. There’s venison jerky, beef jerky, turkey jerky—the list goes on and on. The more you shop, the less certain you are. You just wanted some jerky, darn it all! Why is one of the world’s most satisfying and simplest snacks so hard to choose?

Fortunately, we’ve put together a few handy tips to consider when buying beef jerky online.

How to Tell Beef Jerky Brands Apart?

Beef jerky brands are different from each other. Those differences can add up to an entirely different snacking experience. Here are some things to consider when buying jerky online.


  • Where the Meat Comes from: Packed in the USA is different from being from the USA. Look to see where the meat is sourced when buying your jerky online

  • Flavors offered. Does a brand invest in the uniqueness and quality of the flavors it creates? Here’s where one brand can truly differentiate itself from the rest. A peppered meat stick is going to have a completely different bite than your standard, old fashioned meat snack. A brand that offers an option like sea salt or sweet & spicy is probably taking more care in how their product tastes. Look for brands that create classic combinations, but also show care in coming up with snacks that seem original and tailored to the market.

  • How to Select Your Favorite Jerky?

    Once you have a favorite brand, it’s time to zoom in and find which of their products you like best. We can’t tell you what is going to be your favorite jerky. But here are some things you can consider along the way:

    Meat source. Simply put, not all jerky comes from the same source. For example,  venison will tend to be leaner than beef and pork, which is essential if you want to focus on protein content. 


    Flavor. It’s not just the meat that determines the flavor of your jerky—it’s how that meat is handled. Common flavors and marinades include teriyaki, BBQ, black pepper, hickory smoked, and more. How do you know what you like? Chances are, you already have a rough idea based on your previous experiences, even if you’re relatively new to jerky products. But if you’re still unsure, you can always try multiple options that seem the most appealing to you. Then simply pick the one you like most. There’s no hurry here.

    Texture. Do you like the chewiness of original beef flavors? Do you want a high-protein option like turkey jerky? Do you look for high quality ingredients like jalapeno peppers? If so, there’s a good chance you care about the texture of the jerky. It’s tempting to think this is going to be the same from product to product. But the difference between meats can really strike even the most inexperienced jerky lovers. 

    Nutrition. Let’s say you’re going keto or paleo and want a high-protein, low-carb snack. Beef jerky is certainly a good selection here. Stick to flavors and nutrition profiles that best suit your dietary needs.

    What Makes Red Truck Beef Jerky Unique?

    Red Truck Beef Jerky is a small, family-owned business that sources all premium cuts of meat in the USA. Some more prominent beef jerky players say “packed in the USA,” which means that the meat is probably from overseas. With us, you are supporting a family business and keeping the quality right here in the USA. Let us be your beef jerky company of choice when you shop online!


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