Red Truck Beef Jerky - A Little About Us

From Humble Beginnings

We'll never forget it - Vic our co-founder was sitting in his truck reading a recently-purchased bag from the largest jerky company in the world. He turned to the back, saw the American Flag featured - and saw "Packaged in the USA."

Vic came to learn that all the large beef jerky companies source their meat predominately from China, and South America. 

Feeling like those companies were abusing our American Flag to boost sales, Vic teamed up with Richard to create Red Truck - a small, family owned business that sustainably sources premium cuts of whole-muscle beef shoulder, right here in the USA. The end result is the most tender and lean jerky on the market.

Since 2014, we've linked up to the #1 spice-company in the world, McCormick, to offer customers new and better options for their snacking needs.

 Vic, Red Truck Beef Jerky's Founder

Our Journey To Find You

For the past 5 years, we've focused almost exclusively on making our products accessible in physical stores. Today you can find us in Dick's Sporting Goods, Kroger's, Giant, GetGo, Ace Hardware and many more spots.

In 2020, we are just starting out on our direct-to-consumer, online journey but are myopically focused on our customer's experience. We're coming to you directly so that we can serve you and engage with you more meaningfully. From engaging with us social platforms to devouring our delicious products, your success is our success. 

If you're reading this, we consider you part of the Red Truck family. Not in the corny, everything's perfect kind of way. There may be times where you need support to hit your goals, need a kick in the butt - we're here to support you in whatever you strive for. 


The Red Truck Promise

  • 100% Grade-A, American Beef, sourced from the plains of Idaho (the big brands source from China and South America and label "Packaged in America / Designed in America) - we dehydrate, season and package all of our products in Chandler, Minnesota.
  • Only the tenderized whole muscle, made from lean sliced beef shoulder (most of our competitors use Round cuts - do you want to eat a cow's butt or shoulder?) 
  • Intensely bold, chef-crafted flavor, courtesy of our partners at McCormick
  • Ideal for any diet (Paleo, Whole30, Carnivore)
  • Excellent source of on-the-go protein

Enjoy it After the Gym, At the (Home) Office, In the Car or Anytime. Anywhere.


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