Cajun Alligator Gourmet Meat Sticks

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Cajun Alligator Sticks


We created these Cajun Alligator beef sticks for you - athletes, adventurers, and parents - living busy lifestyles and trying to good quality protein from sources they trust. Our line of wild game meat will satisfy any craving you have during the day.


This alligator stick is packed with flavor in every bite you take. The ingredients of this meat stick include alligator, pork, salt, black and white pepper, onion, garlic powder, and more. You will also experience a slight kick at the end of each bite, which is the Cajun flavor.


Alligator Meat Snack Sticks- Sourced responsibly from Louisiana's bayou (our supplier only accepts orders via phone - he doesn't even have email) - talk about authentic and all-natural! This alligator jerky is genuinely one of the most exotic meats we offer our customers.


This jerky stick is the highest-quality Cajun gator stick on the market today!
Get wild and get weird with this exotic jerky with Cajun seasoning. If you like traditional beef jerky, you will love alligator Cajun sticks. Life is too short not to try this Cajun-style gator jerky today! Check out what alligator tastes like if you are unfamiliar with this cuisine.